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Water Births

Water birth Miami maternity Center
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Water birth has become one of the most popular options at the Miami Maternity Center. First made popular over 30 years ago with research done in Russia and France, the basic premise of a water birth is that for 9 months, the baby is in a bag of water in utero. Birthing into a similar environment is gentler for the baby, less stressful for the mother, and reduces fetal complications.

Some mothers choose to labor in the tub and then birth on the bed. Others choose to labor and deliver in the water. We encourage the mother to do whichever makes her feel the most comfortable.

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Home Births

Miami Maternity Center Home birth

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An option that some families choose is birthing in their own home. Whereas the Birth Center is a homelike environment, many women feel that the most comfortable place for them is their own bed in their own home. Since the Miami Maternity Center believes in empowering women, home birth is one of the options that you may prefer.

Why do women choose planned home births?

You might choose a planned home birth for many reasons, including:
  • A desire to give birth in a familiar, relaxing environment surrounded by people of your choice
  • A desire to control your labor position or other aspects of the birthing process
  • A desire to give birth without medical intervention, such as pain medication
  • Cultural or religious norms or concerns
  • A history of fast labor
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