Our Staff...

Carol Williams, LM, Director
Although I have only been a practicing midwife for 10 years, midwifery has always been a part of my life. I am the mother of 5 daughters, all natural births, and 4 of whom were born at home with a midwife. Of my 21 grandchildren, all were born vaginally, 20 were natural, 3 were born at home, and 10 were born at the birth center. I believe that only a small percentage (less than 10%) of births require a c-section and because hospitals today have such a high rate of c-section (40%-80%) birth centers and midwives are necessary to give moms the best chance of a "normal" birth. I became a midwife to give women the option to choose the type of birth they want and the setting for their birth. I love caring for women and being a part of the "the miracle of birth".

Judith Kaplan, CNM, ARNP
I am a Certified Nurse-Midwife / Advanced Nurse Practitioner in Women's Health. In my 22 years as a midwife I have managed over 1,800 births in homes, hospitals and birth centers.

At Miami Maternity Center, I conduct the critical risk assessments for our clients which assure that they are and remain in good health. For women with potential risk factors, my goal is to help the woman to avoid becoming categorized as high-risk or moderate- risk through education, monitoring and treatment and therapy. This helps prevent the need for intervention, hospitalization, and cesarean sections; while increasing likelihood of natural healthy pregnancy, birth and parenthood. One-on-one education is my forte.

During the very special birth year, I encourage families to discover and define their unique way of birthing. This experience is very empowering for birthing families and promotes bonding and the cohesiveness of the family unit.

As an ARNP, I also provide primary healthcare to women from teens through menopause. MY specialty is hormone balance (PCOS, Metabolic Syndrome), irregular cycles, family planning and fertility, annual exams and infections. I am certified by the American Midwifery Certification Board, and I am a member of the American College of Nurse Midwives. I also speak Hebrew fluently.

I have been blessed to enjoy birthing my ten children naturally, and I know that birth is much more than the physical wonder that it is. For optimal health benefit, birth must be honored as a multi-faceted life-changing event; and that when the emotional, mental, cognitive, social and spiritual elements are acknowledged, that the physical act of birthing becomes easier with improved outcomes.

Dahlia Porter, Office Manager
I have been working at the Miami Maternity Center as the Front Desk customer service personnel since September 2004, and recently got promoted to the position of Office Manager in January 2011. I lived in Jamaica until 2004, where I had a beautiful experience giving birth to my son, Tahj-Michael in a birth center with Shari Daniels, the woman who started me on my midwifery journey and I hope that one day I may deliver my own grandchildren as a midwife.

I am a graduate of the International School of Midwifery, class of 2006, and have worked alongside Ms. Daniels as an administrator since then until recently in December 2011, I became the new Director of the school.

For the past 11 years I have been involved in women's care in many different capacities. I have attended births, and even participated in a few here and in Jamaica, currently I teach the childbirth education classes to the expecting parents at the birth center and I find the experience to be fulfilling, educational, inspiring and uplifting. But my greatest joy comes when I can assist that mother, who thought that natural childbirth was beyond her abilities, to realize her true potential, find her inner strength and achieve her dream. I am passionate and deeply committed to the field of midwifery and my goal is to help every mother achieve a wonderful, motherly, personalized care where she is involved and participates within her own care for an optimal outcome.

DellaReece Bastian, LM
My name is DellaReece Catherine Bastian, Licensed Midwife. I'm the mother of six biological children plus two adopted kids, forty plus more that have adopted me and five grandkids, let's not forget them. After all they are the love of my life, but don't tell my kids I said that. I guess you can tell I love children, they truly are a blessing.

My first experience with natural birthing was with the birth of my second child in The Bahamas. I was able to walk around and find my comfort zone throughout the process, no interventions, just trusting my body. After the birth I said to myself, that wasn't bad at all, (Empowerment). Years later with the birth of my fourth child, I was blessed to have stumbled upon a Midwife that was sweet and caring. I remember her massaging my back and humming songs, but it was her gentle and reassuring spirit that told me, you can do this. And I did! (Triumphant). Soon that became my quest. I shouldn't be the only woman to have such an experience, this needs to be shared with other, I professed.

I remember visiting my grandmother in The Bahamas one summer and told her that I was in school to become a Midwife, (Excited). Only to hear, "You have to go to school for that? I remember cousin Genieva came over and helped me when I was in labor, cut the cord and clean them up, no science involved", she chuckled. Of course she was a pro, she had thirteen (Bravery).

I had the pleasure of training at ISOM and since my graduation I have been employed here at MMC working in the billing department. After obtaining my Midwife License I'm now able to offer moms the same loving and supportive care that I received (Nurturing).

Tania Mondesir, RN, LM
I am a mother of a set of twins, a 10 year old and a 3 year old. I've had them all with the care and support of Miami Maternity Center. Prior to entering the nursing field I was fascinated with the miracles a woman's life produces and midwifery was a logical step that unfolded through the wisdom of the women of MMC. I am excited to bring my skills to a career as a midwife and even more excited to see the wisdom that unfolds before me along my path here at Miami Maternity Center.