About Us...

The Miami Maternity Center was founded in 1995 by Mrs. Shari Daniels. She directed its daily function and operations. As the knowledge of midwifery and midwives became more popular, the center quickly outgrew its Miami Beach location and had to relocate to its present site in 2004.

The center is an independent, dynamic, multilingual and diversified facility that caters to a wide range of women from all different cultural and religious backgrounds.
In 2010 the center changed ownership, as Mrs. Daniels embarked on a new mission.

The new owner, Ms. Williams took on the task to continue to share the knowledge of midwifery and to nurture every woman with the utmost care and respect to have the birth of their choice through education, guidance, compassion and support.
The center is associated with the International School of Midwifery and provides student midwives with the opportunity to intern at the facility to become more skilled and gain efficiency in the field.

Future Goals
The staff of the center believe that by empowering women through birth, the concept of maternity care may be greatly improved.


Miami maternity Building